Why Managing the Mail Room is Still as Important as Ever

Like it or not, paper mail isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This means the continuing saga of managing the resources, maintaining equipment, and tracking all the pieces of paper that pass through that department daily. Rising risks and HIPAA considerations associated with keeping those paper documents around for long periods of time only make the task and management more time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be nice to co-source that responsibility to a dependable partner?

 JMS knows keeping a mail room running efficiently and consistently can be a challenge.

  • Mailroom work never gets prioritized. It’s a secondary task for an employee, thereby impacting TAT not only on incoming claims, but also the resources primary responsibilities. It may even degrade the quality of their day-to-day tasks by spreading the focus too thin.
  • Mailroom is its own department specifically managed by a mail room team. JMS knows these roles  typically link with high turnover and the potential instability in the department which leads to potential lost or mismanaged important information. 

 Co-Sourcing your mailroom is easier than you might think. Improvements in digital technology, secure transfer methods, and great partners like JMS make it a simple decision. The benefits of outsourcing some, or all, of your company’s mail room services are, it can free up team members from mail room tasks allowing them to refocus or advance to a higher more complex task. There’s clear cost savings and puts the task in the hands of an expert team with years of experience and the stability you’re looking for. Documents are processed through high-speed commercial scanners into a digital format. No more shuffling through paper.

Mail room services can be as flexible and unique as your needs. Allow JMS to maintain and manage PO boxes or keep control of the paper and do your own scanning, relaying digital images for us to complete processing. The mail room is here to stay, at least for the time being. But that doesn’t mean your company needs to be bogged down by a mountain of papers. JMS has been offering mail room services and fulfillment since its beginning and continues to offer flexible options to meet each client’s unique needs. Learn more about this service, or reach out today to get started.