What is Co-Sourcing?

Hire an in-house team or outsource to a third party? This age-old question challenges most teams. Strain your internal resources for a project, or completely rely on an outside team to deliver? Here’s the thing; it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Co-source with JMS and get the best of both worlds by combining in-house knowledge with the power of outsourcing to an experienced team. 

Co-sourcing with JMS isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We build custom co-sourcing plans that take advantage of your team’s strengths while supplementing them with our experienced team of experts. It’s a hybrid solution between in-house and third-party.

We get to know your team, your needs, and your expertise. From there, we build out a custom co-sourcing plan, offering the specific assistance you need without adding extra or unnecessary add-ons to get you the results you actually care about. Our team has decades of experience and can build you the tools and processes you need to succeed.

What makes JMS so good at co-sourcing?  We’ve been in your shoes. Our team is made up of former TPAs with experience across the industry. We understand your challenges and know that you need solutions, not another to-do list. After all, no two payors are the same, so why would your solutions be?

No matter your challenge, JMS has a solution because we know what works. We have helped businesses with challenges in:

  • Staffing call centers
  • Onboarding new teams efficiently
  • Plan auditing and building
  • Provider Management
  • And much more

It’s not about finding a plan that fits. It’s about finding a solution that works.

Let’s get started.