JMS began its partnership in 2018 with SBMA to assist with Mailroom, Scanning, and Data Conversion. Since then, JMS has expanded its work with SBMA now serving as its clearinghouse, emphasizing efficiency and auditing.


With the help of JMS and its broad range of offerings, SBMA scaled up without sacrificing efficiency or volume. Starting in mailroom scanning and data conversion, JMS offered SBMA targeted services for its specific needs. High quality scanning and imaging made it easier to convert paperwork, speeding up the process and eliminating errors at the same time. Similarly, JMS organized SBMA’s mailroom, sorting and batching mail, making it easier to file and track.

“Their capabilities are what I love. You can take just about any backend procedure that you want done, and they can do it. They can do just about anything” – Matt Dobry, Director of Technical Services

As a vendor with big capabilities, JMS offered SBMA a customized package to address its specific needs that continue to evolve as the TPA grows. Today, JMS serves as a clearinghouse for SBMA, resolving claim delivery for accurate processing.


  • ISO 9000 Certification
  • SOC 2 Type 2
  • Quick Ramp Up; minimal impact to in-house training resources
  • Trained backup resources available in case of PTO
  • Able to increase production on short notice
  • Quicker claim payment TAT, reduced inventory
  • Processing Cost Reduction up to 60%

–  Fixed-Rate includes Facilities Overhead
–  Ongoing HR and Training support
–  Employee Compensation & Benefits


JMS is currently examining on average 8,000 claims per month, which equates to about 70% of TPA Company claims. We continue to serve them with Mailroom and Scanning, including Front-end Paper Claim Conversion to EDI.