Want to Work with JMS? Here’s What it Might Look Like

Want to Work with JMS? Here's What it Might Look Like

Working with JMS is unique. Our team is bursting with former insurance professionals and TPAs who not only get what you do, but they’ve probably even done it before. We’ve been in your shoes, had the same headaches, and want to solve those pain points for you.

Onboarding with a new partner can be an extensive and exhausting experience, but JMS has it down to a science. We’ve been on the other side of the table and understand how valuable your time is. We take just enough time upfront to understand your needs and ensure that the process runs smoothly after onboarding, requiring less of your time the longer we work together.

While it’s true we customize every project to fit your needs, most implementations share a similar framework.

Here’s what it looks like to onboard with JMS: 

Pitch. Sit back, relax, and let us tell you about ourselves, including our team and the way we work with partners. You’ll get a better sense of JMS’s personality, as well as your future team. 

Discovery. Our team uses their extensive knowledge and experience to interview stakeholders on the project, drawing out insights and pain points. This is casual, and we encourage partners to share everything. The more we know, the easier it will be to create a custom solution that works for you. 

Demo. This is an opportunity for you to give JMS a visual demonstration of the actual work or process that JMS will be supporting. We will walk through with you step by step and ask clarifying questions to make sure no stone is left unturned.

Proposal. Once we understand what’s tripping your team up, we can recommend solutions that are made for you. This could be anything ranging from a system conversion timeline, to an integrated dashboard for claims management. We take everything learned from our discovery session and present solutions aimed to make your life easier. 

Onboarding. It’s time to get your team involved. JMS is an expert in onboarding because your new workflows only work if everyone is on the same page.

Ongoing maintenance. Once your team is up and running, we’ll set up a regular check-in schedule with you based on your needs and the project’s scope. It may be once a month, where we meet to refine your needs and plan future projects down the line. 

Our clients are often surprised when JMS continues to be involved after onboarding. That’s because we believe in a true partnership. You don’t have to worry about the claims auditing process or managing your call center. We’re doing it for you. Except for check-ins or changes in your specific needs, you can rest easy knowing JMS has it covered. 

Are you ready to come aboard with JMS? Contact us to get started.