Tackling the Black Box of Aging Claims

Tackling the Black Box of Aging Claims

Like the dreaded junk drawer in your home, the black box of aging claims becomes space for claims to sit and pile up. When the system encounters a claim it can’t sort, it automatically drops it into the digital “black box” where the aging process starts, and a team member needs to step in. Whether it results from poor plan building, poor system mapping, or an error, aging claims can challenge any team.

Perhaps it’s spotting the errors that puts claims there in the first place, or having the time to sort through claims before they reach the end of their 30-day deadline.

Some of the most common errors associated with aging claims are simple updates such as:

  • A new doctor’s office
  • A new office address
  • A new person on a plan

All of the above are inevitable and can be challenging to maintain. That’s when a system mapping or plan building issue results in aging or inaccurate claims.

This can cause a ripple effect on your team, leading to delays and creating more work to manually process claims. But, with some upfront planning, the black box can be avoided:

  • Claims auditing. If there’s a larger error in the mapping system, auditing claims can be a helpful way to spot errors and correct them.
  • Troubleshooting claims. Unfortunately, no matter how well built a system is, there will always be new providers, new codes, and human error. That’s when troubleshooting aging claims can come in handy.

Aging claims can be stressful for a team, pulling resources from day-to-day work. That’s where a partnership with JMS can help reduce the burden. JMS provides provider maintenance services, including claims inventory management and an experienced team to assist in troubleshooting your claims. JMS can be a partner to help set your system up for fewer aging claims, but also a failsafe tool when the inevitable aging claims do come through.

If you’re staring down a black box of aging claims, JMS can help. Contact us today to learn what solutions fit your needs.