Outsource Your IT Support to Secure Your Healthcare Data

Outsource Your IT Support to Secure Your Healthcare Data

Technical support shouldn’t be a terminal risk.

All it takes is experiencing a power outage or losing internet for a few hours to realize how dependent we all are on technology. In moments like these, when systems stop working and all is trapped in the cloud, it is vital to have an IT partner.

Traditional thinking would argue that hiring your own in-house technical support team who knows the ins and outs of your Network Administration would be best. There was a time that was true! Now however, business and operations are more complex, and solutions that once worked may no longer be best practices.

While it can be reassuring to have home-grown tech support close by, it also means that the health of your system has a chokepoint: the IT department staffing and bandwidth.

Let us recall some of the most stress inducing moments in managing Healthcare Data:

The unexplained error message. The inability to connect to project work. The spam email with an attachment someone accidentally clicked, and now, no one can process. What do you do? Call IT! They are tied up with a different issue. This one hasn’t made its way to the priority list yet. What if during this time all your healthcare data becomes compromised? Production could go down for extended periods and worse TERMINAL RISK, data loss.

Is your IT team, as everyone seems to be these days, short staffed? This scenario is easy to imagine – they are realities that administrators deal with on a daily basis.

The good news is that an overstressed IT department without the bandwidth to cover your system does not have to be the new normal. There is a better way.

Offloading and co-sourcing your IT department to JMS allows for security of your information, insulates the company against the whims of staffing concerns and provides reassurance that you’re lowering risk. Hiring technical support is no longer a constant part of your to-do list and can help support with task automation as well as migration from on-site to cloud-based services. With Co-sourced technical support, interact with professionals who have the experience and knowledge needed to problem-solve efficiently. Isn’t that the way technical support is supposed to work?

When managing sensitive data, the security and stability of your system is too important to take any chances with.

If you are looking for solutions that actually make your day-to-day easier, reach out to JMS. No matter how complex your structure may be, we have years of experience that can transition your systems into the new future.