New Groups, New Growing Pains

Claims Examining

New business is great, but now what? Onboarding a new group can cause growing pains for nearly everyone on your team. Getting the ball rolling takes effort, and it’s hard to anticipate just how taxing it is on a team until it’s almost too late. 

Why? New groups can be a double-edged sword. You want to process their claims quickly, efficiently, and correctly, but when you’re just getting to know a group, processing can take much longer than usual. The faster you work, the more likely a mistake will slip through; the last thing you want a new group to see. 

Everything in your claim workflow from Eligibility and Enrollment all the way through to the release of claim payments may experience an influx of new work. You may experience holdups, delays, or an increased workload in anywhere of the following areas:

  • Eligibility/Enrollment
  • Mailroom
  • Scanning
  • Data Entry
  • Plan Building
  • Claims processing
  • Claim Auditing
  • Call Center

These delays can create a ripple effect across the entire company, leading an overwhelming workload for many. And sometimes, the challenges of onboarding a new group is enough to discourage doing it at all. 

But, growth is good, and it can be even better with the help of JMS. How can we help?

With decades of experience in the claims process, JMS can help avoid the wrinkles new groups can cause. That’s why we offer everything from claims auditing and mapping to mailroom conversion services to ensure the process goes smoothly, alleviating an overwhelming workload for teams. 

If you anticipate bringing on new groups at the beginning of the year, don’t be afraid to reach out to us early to create a custom growth plan. Some teams reach out to us as early as July to begin setting up their systems for a new year of new groups. 

New groups don’t have to mean growing pains, and it’s never too late to ease that stress. Let JMS help you with comprehensive plan building and claim examining to keep clients happy and ensure a future of quickly processed claims. Reach out to us to learn how we can help you grow