How Can Consulting Help Me?

Do you ever get that nagging sense that things could be better on your team? 

Maybe after a big project, you wish things could have gone smoother. Perhaps you notice platforms could be better organized. 

Like clockwork, as soon as you start working on a solution, another project comes crashing in, taking your attention away from big-picture thinking to focus on the day-to-day needs. 

But, what if you could make that big-picture thinking part of your day-to-day priorities? That’s where JMS consulting can help. 

The Power of JMS Consulting

When partners hear about our consulting services, they’re often surprised. Consulting is JMS’s not-so-secret secret weapon, helping your team create processes to do their best work. 

The power of JMS’s consulting is far from the standard consultancy. Here’s why JMS is unique.

Uniquely Experienced Team Members

With JMS you can rest assured that our consultants understand your needs. That’s because they’ve had the same experiences as you. They’re not just consultants, they’re professionals with a vast background of experience. 

Our team has been in your shoes, and they get each pain point you experience. 

Custom Solutions for Every Team

With JMS, you won’t get generic recommendations that could apply to any team or company. Instead, our team sits down and looks to fully understand not only the issue, but your pain points, and your unique working behavior so that we can offer bespoke solutions that solve problems.

So whether you’re plagued with portal problems, or experiencing hangups with your onboarding process, you’ll get a solution tailored specifically to you.

Process Improvements Plus Platform Improvements

When it comes to improvements, JMS is in a unique position to offer process and platform upgrades. Our team has a mix of technical and personal expertise, meaning we can solve everything from personal to software struggles. 

When we say we do it all, we mean it. For us, it’s not about adding another product to your workflow, it’s about building a system that solves problems, minimizes stress, and helps your business grow. That’s why consulting, like everything else at JMS, is informed by our experiences in the industry, as well as our technical skills.
You don’t have to solve pain points on your own. Contact us to get started.