How An Audit Can Transform Your Team

While an audit can sound intimidating, it’s essential to any well-functioning system.

So, how can auditing transform your team? We will cover two types of audits that will benefit your process.


One of the best times to audit your claims process is when bringing in new business or groups. Errors in the claims process are likely to emerge, creating more work for the rest of your team down the line.

Instead of overwhelming your team, now could be the perfect time to bring in a partner to audit your claims. If there’s a more significant error in the mapping system, auditing claims can be a helpful way to spot the mistakes and correct them. With a claims audit in place, your new work will run more smoothly instead of overwhelming or creating a backlog down the line.

New business aside, auditing your claims from time to time can ensure that your system is running smoothly, and it helps avoid things like aging claims.


While auditing single claims can help find inconsistencies across the system, looking at and auditing an entire plan can have more transformative effects on your team.

Auditing a plan is like taking account of the whole forest instead of just a single tree. A full plan audit may uncover fault lines that run through the entire system – anything from correcting dated coding to isolating ineffective logic can create ripple effects across your claims process. By bringing in a third party, you give yourself the space to take a step back and look at the entire journey from customer intervention to payment.

In essence, it is impossible to know what opportunities a full audit may uncover until you take the first step.

The Right Partner

The auditing process can be involved, but it comes with the benefit of recommendations. Depending on the size of your team and workload, taking on an audit could require work to grind to a halt or necessitate extensive onboarding for new team members.

Luckily, the auditing process is not something you have to do on your own – the right partner can help. JMS has the expertise and experience to help create a custom audit that helps your team work better in the long run.

Once JMS has run an audit on your plan, we come back with a rundown of changes that can help your system run more smoothly, solving backlogs and aging claims in the long run.

Taking a step back can be challenging, but, with the help of JMS, you can start auditing with ease today.