Defeat the Paper Monster with Secure Image Hosting

Tired of sifting through endless paper piles to find a single document?

As someone who manages healthcare information, you are no stranger to the paper monster. Whether it is endless piles of communication between providers and insurers, or holding onto records for years, it is easy to find yourself buried under a mountain of documents.

But there is some good news: you can now pull yourself out from under that mountain. Consider upgrading your document management to an off-site image hosting service. By doing so, you can free up not only physical space in your office but also widen your mental bandwidth to allow you to address higher priority tasks.

While there may be some hesitancy about moving your documentation to an off-site third-party server, know that Image Hosting is widely considered the industry standard for a number of reasons:

  • Assists payers in the support, archival, manipulation, and storage of their healthcare data
  • Access available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long
  • Allows for enhanced security and regulatory assurances without putting additional responsibility on those needing assistance
  • Saves payers the time of manually managing years of relevant paper
  • Customization of indexed fields and search criteria of your choosing
  • Helps avoid backlogs by making data easy to manage, access, and alter

In addition to avoiding a paper backlog, one of the things that elevate the user experience for off-site Image Hosting is the security guarantee. As a payer, you know how stringent HIPAA regulations can be and more so, that securing and safeguarding client data is of the utmost importance. By integrating with an Image Hosting partner that is SOC 2 Type II certified, the burden of security shifts away from you and your team to a trusted management professional.

If you are currently a partner looking to upgrade your service or you would like to learn about our image hosting and retrieval options, please reach out so JMS can start managing your paper monster today.