6 Skills You Need When Looking for Top Call Center Talent

Here’s the thing: we all know Call Centers experience lots of turnover. It is an ongoing challenge for all Third-Party Administrators. Why? Because the Call Center is all too often the complaint department. And your reps are either made for it, or they are not.

Luckily, there are specific qualities you can look for when your TPA has hopes of talent retention and scaling up. These are 6 skills that will ensure a quality hire. 

1.    Technology experience: Representatives need a baseline of high-level knowledge using laptops, websites, and spreadsheets. Struggling with navigation is a real timewaster when striving for immediate and long-term efficiency. 

2.    Elocution: Clear, accurate and concise language with a pleasant speaking voice will ensure a positive customer service experience for your members and providers. 

3.    Typing and 10-Key skills: Not just speed of typing, but the precision as well. Accurate notes mean accurate tracking, and that’s key.

4.    Multitasking: Strong typing and communication skills are great. Can the soon to be representative listen to the caller, type notes and simultaneously troubleshoot the problem all at once? Talking, listening, and typing at the same time is like mastering patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. An impressive skill!

5.    Problem Solving: Good CSRS need to be part stenographer and part detective. Fielding complaints all day can be tough, but if your Call Center rep takes pride in “solving the mystery,” that person can likely put a positive spin on any challenging situation.

6.    Willingness to Help: This is key for provider and member satisfaction. If your rep wants to truly help the caller and has the ability to relay that sentiment through phone skills while finding the resolution, the appeals process will be much more seamless for all parties.

If you are still struggling finding seasoned resources that meet this criteria, JMS and Associates can handle the hiring and training for you. 

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