Professional Services

Your Potential is Our Passion

Once you make the decision to implement a JMS solution, we assign Subject Matter Experts and Project Managers knowledgeable in all aspects of the claim administrative process with proven objectives that guide your company throughout the implementation and ongoing production process.

Benefits Plan Building

Experienced plan builders configure your adjudication systems to maximize claim payment automation methods that ultimately improves claim payment accuracy and reduces overall claim administrative costs.

Benefits Plan Testing

After building new or modifying existing plans, or after vendor software upgrades our Plan Testing teams process client approved claim scenarios within your systems then verify the claims are paid accurately. This service provides standard claim scenarios that can be customized to support any complications in individual plan designs.

Benefits Plan Auditing

Release claims for processing and payments accurately by implementing experienced Plan Auditors that perform validation of your benefit plan documents compared to the actual system configuration.

Eligibility, Enrollments, & Cobra

JMS provides trained resources to handle all your data entry needs for adding, modifying, or terminating members within your system. Our teams have experience with multiple source documents and can also assist with processing COBRA packets and enrollments.

Claim Examining

Reduce claim inventory requirements and claim adjudication turn-around-time. JMS has trained resources that can quickly adapt to your business requirements and as fluctuations occur JMS can ramp-up or ramp-down on demand. Our services are contractually guaranteed to meet or exceed your service level objectives.

Adjudication Services

Our examiner level resources directly access your claims platform and handle mailboxes or queues for claims that need data verification, auditing, requests for refunds, or routing claims for network re-pricing.

Claim Auditing

Maximize claim accuracy by inserting JMS resources into your claim payment workflow and recoup overpayments before paying claims.

Call Center Management Services

Reduce abandonment rates and improve answer times by adding experienced call center resources and automated IVR solutions for both provider or member inquiries. Your company will immediately begin to experience improved service levels that will have a positive impact on your client’s customer satisfaction. Our Call Center implementation process supports a seamless and quick transition to acquiring qualified resources to support your service level objectives.

FSA & Dependent Care Plans

Stabilize seasonal claim volume spikes of FSA claims by implementing experienced JMS resources to manually enter claim information and attached receipt documents directly into your adjudication software.

Dependent Audit

Reduce claim payment costs!
Our comprehensive review process will identify in-eligible dependents that do not qualify for benefits, and capture new Secondary Insurance opportunities in support of your Coordination of Benefits efforts.

1099 Solution

• Quarterly process of validating 1099 information with the IRS
• Update 1099 file
• Option to update claims payment system
• Print and mail 1099s
• Electronically file with IRS
• Process CP2100 & 972CG and mail B notice or 2nd B notice
• Electronic reporting of entire process

JMS has the solution to end your frustration with managing this ongoing process of contacting providers for updated W9’s, updating your system as well as validating the information you are filing with the IRS. Avoid unnecessary penalties and have all needed electronic documentation to abate them. An easy solution for a stressful process.